CVA Drops AP Classes; Students Now Dual Enrolled at CHS


Alexi Howard, Staff Writer

Centennial Virtual Academy is an online form of education run through the Centennial School District; it was an option for students who decided not to attend CHS via distance learning.

Many students who are enrolled in CVA have recently found out the AP classes they have been taking will no longer be offered through the online academy. 

AP Coordinator Jeff Stanek said, “The College Board monitors AP Courses.  The CVA wasn’t quite ready to meet all the requirements, so we absorbed those students back in CHS.”

CVA will now be teaching all classes, excluding AP or honors classes, meaning the students who participated in AP classes through CVA will be getting an incomplete grade for the first 9 weeks of school.

Students who are still considering taking AP classes will have a 9 week chunk of independent study before enrolling back into A.P./honors classes through Centennial High School. They will be able to catch up during the third set of 9 weeks. 

“Some of those students are really close to being caught up,” said Stanek.  “Some of them have some work to do.  The hope is they can all be at the same place when Quad 3 starts.”

CVA students didn’t like the change and have since resigned from taking any A.P. classes in order to stay at CVA and avoid having to participate in independent study.