Schloth Discusses Various Season Possibilities


One of the things that brings excitement and joy to students’ lives is the anticipation of an upcoming sports season, and the actual playing of games. Students have been waiting to hear positive news about the resumption of sports for months. Coaches have also been waiting, and are reluctant to communicate information that they are unsure of.  

Many different government agencies, government officials, school officials, health authorities, and the OSAA are involved in deciding the fate of athletic seasons. In order to get a more clear picture of the future of sports this school year I spoke with Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Terrence Schloth. 


Q:  Some Multnomah County districts such as the PIL are allowing outdoor conditioning.  Is there a plan for the Centennial District to allow that soon?

Schloth:  Currently there is no plan in place for in person or outdoor conditioning, but there have been conversations.  In addition, there is a plan being considered in regard to a virtual coaching model that could lead to in-person workouts and compensate coaches for their time. This topic is currently being discussed between the district and CEA (teacher union). Our district and school board will need to approve any such activities due to the liability and risk involved before any in-person outdoor conditioning can occur.


Q: What do you think the chances of having sports start on December 28 as currently planned?

Schloth:  “That is a great question and a complex one.  I am an eternal optimist, and I am still holding on to the hope that we may have some form of a winter sports season (Season 2).  The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) has not made an official statement to cancel Season 2 and will most likely release more information in early December.  Athletic Directors from all across the state and our Mount Hood Conference are working hard to generate season schedules that put schools, teams, coaches and athletes in the best possible scenario to have a safe Season 2.  All sports seasons will look different this year as we will be adhering to restrictions and guidelines that will most likely eliminate spectators, like collegiate and professional sports events are being conducted today.  There are some recent events that are narrowing down our chances of having a Season 2.  First, there are a few schools in the conference whose districts have committed to Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) until the end of their first semester or second quarter.  This means Clackamas and Reynolds will not be able to compete in Season 2 until the middle of February as their schools are not able to compete while committed to CDL.  Our district has not made this decision and will continue to monitor the number of cases in our community.  The second is the recent spike in cases, which has created concern for public health especially with the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching .  The governor has created a new mandate or “Freeze” order that was given last Friday and will start this Wednesday the 18th.  This two week order places more restrictions on activities and is similar to the governor’s executive order that occurred last spring.  The silver lining,  the governor’s order may help us by flattening the curve, lowering the number of cases which will increase our chances of having a Season 2.”


Q: If the first season is canceled, what do you think the second season chances of happening are?

Schloth:  This is another great question.  What we normally hold in the Fall has been moved, and for this year it is called Season 3.  It is too early to tell as we have four more months until Season 3 is scheduled to start.  I can see more changes coming as the country learns more about COVID-19.  In addition, there is the possibility of widespread COVID19 vaccinations.  This could impact Season 3 and bring us back to some form of normalcy.