Principal Discusses Online Learning

The 2020-21 school year has been presented with unimaginable challenges.  We are currently going through a Global Pandemic and students are learning from home instead of in class.  Centennial School District has created two options for students this school year.

They have created a Virtual Academy, which is online full time, and students are enrolled in an online school program designed to be like any other online school.

Meanwhile, another option for students to enroll is a hybrid version of this where the first part of the school year is going to be online with daily zoom calles. If it is deemed safe to go back to in person learning, we will be able have classes at CHS.

Principal Mari Scott-Aguiere said the current Quad schedule is to help students.   “It is a lot to balance all 7 classes,” she said.  She also stated that they considered many different schedules and that this quarter schedule was the best they could do when factoring in all the variables.  

This school year an Advisory period was added to help keep students on track, this class is an additional .5 credit that students can earn.  This makes the number of credits a student can earn to 7.5 (and for some 8.5) this year instead of 7, which was the number for all previous years.  

Along with the four class periods, there is an Applied Learning session for each class. This is what the state refers to time used that doesn’t require your teacher. For example if we were in class there would be a time set aside after the lesson to work on our assignments independently or with a group.

Next quarter students are going to have 3 classes and if they signed up for a zero period they will have 4.