NHS Registration Deadline is TODAY!


Milana Oliphant, Assistant Editor

Are you a junior or senior looking for a way to become more involved in activities at CHS?  

Do you have a passion for volunteering and giving back, or are you looking for a way to start?  NHS might be the club for you.  

NHS stands for National Honor Society. It is a club nationally recognized as a way for students in high school to give back to their communities and build leadership skills. 

Some organizations that the club works with are Snowcap, Food for Families, Oregon Food Bank, American Red Cross, and Friends of Trees.

The club has a committee that leads the club who get voted into the position by former members.  The committee chairs this year are, Ruby Tran, Ameer Al-Saood, Cyndi Nguyen, Maddy Kramer, Sofia Cing, Milana Oliphant, and Addison Schuette.

As a club NHS acknowledges that volunteering can be difficult during this pandemic, and their goal is find safe opportunities for everyone.  These include volunteering in outdoor spaces where social distance can be followed, along with volunteering in smaller groups in order to keep people safe.

The application deadline for the 2020-2021 school year is today. If you are interested in joining NHS you can find the link for the application here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L7bP8-OHWQoobsLuYOIWOz2YlNWKLtb2gqjfD9uEb5I/edit?usp=sharing.