The Talon Asks: What’s Working and What’s Not Working With Online School?

The Talon Asks:  What’s Working and Whats Not Working With Online School?

“What’s working for me is having time to do homework whenever (I want) and what’s not going good is having so much homework and having so many zoom classes.”

Amber Strutz, sophomore


“It’s so stressful I don’t even know. Probably just like pacing yourself as you work and know there might just be way more work then you usually do on a normal school day.”

Isaiah Turner, sophomore


“You can have help from people without the teachers saying something, teachers take to long to respond.”

Langston Williams-Lomax, sophomore


“That I’m alone and there’s no distractions around me so I can sit and focus on my work instead of being side tracked by classmates. What’s going bad is that it’s much harder to ask for help. It was much easier being able to call on  a teacher in the classroom and they would be able to help instantly rather than having to wait for an email back and be stuck on a problem until they contact you back.”

Travis Johnson, senior


“(What works is) that we get to work whenever we want and have more focus.  (What doesn’t work is) English teachers send out too much work.”

Jalen Ross, junior


“(It’s nice) being able to see all the assignments that I need to get done that week.  What’s going bad about it is school turned into only turning in assignments and that we aren’t really learning.”

Ciara Graham, sophomore


“I feel a lot more people are in attendance and I don’t have to be up so early.  (The bad part is) the procrastinating since it’s all on your computer.”

Ajay Hayes, junior


“One good thing is it gives us more time to live our lives outside of school.  Usually school is year round where if you’re an athlete you have no spare time. Right now most people have enough time to do anything they need.”

Jack Poirier, sophomore


“Being at home (is good).  English is going bad because there is so much work.”

Damien Chin, sophomore


“Nothing is good about online. I don’t like the fact that we have to wake up at 8 o’clock in the morning and then don’t get out until 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Karl Green, junior


“I would say the technology part of having bad tech issues is hard, and what’s good is it’s pretty chill and not crazy hard all the time.”

Aaron Valentine, senior


“Online school is good because there is a lot of work time.  Also you get to be in a comfortable setting without normal school distractions. Also it’s easier to get individual help through zoom calls in between classes.  Something I find bad is that you do not get the normal social aspect. Also there are new distractions and you must be very dependent on yourself to finish all your tasks.”

Emily Stilwell, junior


“What’s going good about online school is my grades. What’s going bad is my time management.”

Kuya Rian, sophomore