Calling All Thespians: Kick Off Meeting

This Tuesday, on September 29, the Centennial Drama Department is having its first Thespian Meeting at 3:30 over Zoom. 

Thespians is a club that is connected to the CHS drama department. Over the course of the year, Thespians will be meeting every other Tuesday to talk about community events, future shows, and will help students who are trying to stay involved in other activities outside of school. There are already some events scheduled for this year to help strengthen the Thespian community amidst a pandemic, and those will be announced and explained in detail at the meeting.

Leading the meeting will be this year’s Thespian Council: Beatrice Byrd, Maggie Mailee Redden, Victor Hampton, Betty Fazzolari, Mary Dejeu, and Akasha Benke.

Anyone can become a Thespian, so if you want to try it out, show up to the first meeting by emailing Kellie McCarty before the 29th at [email protected] to connect you. 

Another way to stay connected with the happenings of Thespians would be to follow the Instagram page where updates on events will be posted. Follow the Instagram @centennial_theatre1114 

If you have any questions about the meeting or Thespians, you can contact McCarty and she can fill in any possible questions you may have.