Measure 26-208: Vote Yes!

Election Day – May 19, 2020 (TOMORROW)


The Centennial school district has a proposed bond measure on this year’s local ballot (Measure 26-208). THE TAX RATE WOULD STAY THE SAME!! The bond is essentially a replacement for the current retiring bond. If passed the Centennial district would use the funds for several capital projects (see bulleted lists below). Local election day is May 19, 2020. 

CAPITAL PROJECTS (Centennial School District)

  • Safety & Security– update safety and security systems infrastructure including intercoms, fire alarm systems and security cameras; replace exterior doors, and install physical security monitoring systems.
  • Energy Cost Improvements– improve cost efficiency and reduce ongoing maintenance costs, such as replacing high maintenance heating and ventilation systems and windows.
  • Facilities Updates– replace or refinish the flooring ceiling tiles, foundation drywall, windows and doors; repair the parking lot and fix drainage and irrigation systems.
  • Renovations– renovate existing classrooms, cafeteria/gym multipurpose rooms.
  • Physical Activity Spaces– build new gymnasiums, relocate covered play spaces, resurface tracks, resurface tennis courts, fix pool decking and mechanical systems.
  • Convert To Middle School– renovate Oliver Elementary School into Oliver Middle School.

CAPITAL PROJECTS (Centennial High School)

  • Replace alarm and intercom system
  • Modernize boilers, boiler controls and room heating units
  • Replace electrical wiring 
  • Replace or repair roofs
  • Add rooftop heating units for gym
  • Replace floors where they are worn out 
  • Replace roofs for gym and pool
  • Resurface and paint gym floors
  • Repair pool decking and mechanical systems
  • Repair tennis courts

As a fellow CHS student, soon-to-be alum, I want to testify the necessity for the projects that are proposed within Measure 26-208. My biggest and most experienced issue is with the CHS tennis courts. As a 3-year member of the CHS Girls Tennis Team, I have seen and dealt with numerous incidents with the crumbley, cracked courts. I have personally witnessed an injury due to the cracks on the courts at least once every year I’ve been on the team. My sophomore year, there was an attempted solution to fix the courts by using a crack filler that ultimately crumbled and made the courts a slippery mess. The nets have also been through the wringer with sags that unflatteringly reveal their age. The repairing of the tennis courts is a long overdue and necessary repair that can only be completed if Measure 26-208 passes. 

Throughout my four years at CHS I have seen many things that portray the utter lack of funding our school receives to create a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn. Alarm systems such as the school bell and fire alarm have malfunctioned several times to the point it disrupts the entire school day. Students miss important announcements due to the outdated fuzzy sounding intercom system. Winter jackets are worn in math and science classes to prevent frostbite from the spotty boiler system that works too well in the english and history classrooms that feel like saunas. Buckets are placed in corners of classrooms to catch the leaky rain water that pours year round. All of this and more are common occurrences at CHS that could be fixed if Measure 26-208 passes. So please, vote yes for bond measure 26-208.


Editor’s Note:*proposed capital projects were copied verbatim from the Centennial School District’s 2020 “Proposed Bond” election flyer*