Frosh Becomes Teacher; Responsible for 5 Siblings

Along with trying to keep up with her own class work, freshman Nadia Petryuk is responsible for keeping her younger siblings on task and helping with many household chores such as cleaning and food preparation. Shown in the gallery from left to right: Daniel, Emma (red), Naomi, Ben, and Tim.

Nadia Petryuk, Staff Writer

Like most people, I am currently stuck in quarantine. If I’m being honest, in the beginning of quarantine my days were so simple. I woke up, ate, used the restroom, and repeated that routine for quite awhile.


As time passed by, Governor Kate Brown announced that school would be online and at first I wasn’t too worried or stressed, but times have changed and I find myself overwhelmed and struggling with my school work.


I went from not having anything to do, to teaching three younger siblings, helping two of my close-to-my-age sisters study, and doing my own work every day.


A lot of people ask me what it’s like to teach so many of them at such a young age and honestly, I don’t know how I do it.


My days start off bright and early. Just like during the school year, I have to get my siblings ready and prep breakfast. After breakfast, I finish cleaning and begin school with them.


First I start homework with Timothy.  He’s 7 and the second youngest.  Timothy is extremely difficult to teach. He has a hard time focusing and doing all his work at once, but with a lot of patience and breaks he does it.


After Timothy is done with his work, I start homework with the youngest child, Benjamin. Even though he’s just 4 and is in preschool, school is still very important for him. He is learning how to stay focused and with some help he is able to do it on his own.

Unlike Timothy and Benjamin, Daniel is very easy to teach. He’s only 10, but can do most of his work by himself and asks for help when needed.


After I’ve finally finished teaching the three youngest boys I have to help my two younger sisters study.  Emma is 13, Naomi is 12. Studying with them can be extremely easy, but some days it feels like time goes by very slowly.


Finally, after hours of school work I start my homework. With little time left, I usually do one class per day.


As a high school student handling both my work and teaching my siblings I find it difficult, but at the end of the day it’s all worth it.  And there is no real alternative.