Changes Effect Centennial AP Students and Teachers


At this point, some of the changes that are being considered by the COLLEGE BOARD include:

·         Allowing students to drop their AP tests without a penalty.  For those who paid for their tests, there will be a refund when we return to school.

·         Allowing students to take their AP tests at home.

·         Allowing students to study for tests by logging into their MY AP accounts.  (Check this now.  Some are posted, some are still being designed.)

Some of these changes are posted on your MY AP account.  Some are still being discussed.

Some of the issues this brings to CHS students and teachers include:

·         Notifying all students of the changes noted above.

·         Assuring that all students have the technology—computer or smartphone and internet—to participate in the changes noted above and/or other study possibilities.

I have been in contact with the COLLEGE BOARD and district administrators about the situation and will keep you updated as soon as I have NEW information to pass along.


1)       Notify Jeff Stanek [email protected] by responding to this email if you no longer want to take AP tests.  Be specific; if you registered for multiple tests you MUST tell me which ones you wish to drop.  I do not yet have a deadline for completing this without penalty, but you can rest assured the CB will have one, so do this ASAP.

2)  Seek Internet Access if needed.  Comcast is offering a basic internet package for free for 60 days.

3)      Log in to your MY AP account to take advantage of live tutorials which start March 25 and will be available “on demand.”

4)      Spread the word to your AP classmates.

5)      Check your MY AP account for CB updates.  They have outlined the information posted here already and will have test explanations and dates soon.

6)      Check the email account associated with your AP classes for updates.