Come to Centennials Annual Multicultural Night! 

Come to Centennials Annual Multicultural Night! 

Ella Jeanseau, Staff Writer

In an effort to recognize and celebrate Centennial’s diverse cultures and languages, M.E.Ch.a is organizing a Multicultural Night at Centennial high school. 


The events details have been worked out by one of the english teachers, Kieran O’Brien.  The entire school is invited to attend a night of food, games, origami, henna hand painting, maraca making, as well as music and performances done by students. 


Multicultural Night was created to celebrate the schools’ diversity through food, music, and art. The event will also have extra resources to inform the community about their services. These resources include, College Possible, Familias en Accion, Latino Network, and many more. 


Multicultural Night is happening Thursday Feb. 27th from 6 to 8 pm. The event is free to attend, and dinner will be included. Doors open for the event at 5:30 pm for those wanting to come earlier.