Forecasting Process Starts

Forecasting Process Starts

Forecasting sheets were due Wednesday, but can still be submitted. 


With the school year passing by the staff want each and every student to be prepared with the best classes that work for them. This is why Centennial had an “assembly” February 20, for grades 9-11 while grade 12 had an assembly of their own. 


Every year, around the same time, Centennial has forecasting. Although, this year in particular Centennial was lucky enough to provide students with more classes. This included classes like Science Fiction Literature and Percussion & Drum line. 


To sign up for your classes, the students started off by going to a one hour assembly. This one hour assembly was held in their second period class. 


During second period their teachers handed out three main things; their transcript, forecasting sheet, and a “Course Catalog.” 


The “Course Catalog” was a booklet with all the classes to choose from. Although most students might have found this booklet useless, staff members like Sally disagreed and described it as “a useful tool” that was “encouraged to use.”


Students also got a “Forecasting Guide.” This is a piece of paper that was used to write down the classes students wanted for next year. This sheet will be turned in on Wednesday or as soon as possible. 


Along with your booklet and sheet you will also be getting your own transcript. This is important if you are failing any of your core classes because you may need to retake them.