Are Phones a Distraction?


Danikka Brown (9th)

“I think it can be a distraction, but for the majority of students I don’t think it is. Like I feel like most kids know when to put their phone away.”


Amber Strutz (9th)

“Yes, but I think if you get your work finished that it’s okay to be on them after you are finished with everything.”


Mateo Medina (10th)

“I feel like phones help me get through the day, and don’t cause a distraction to me. I think phones are a useful resource.”


Kyrie Howard (10th)

“If I don’t have my phone at school, or can’t use it all day I think I’ll go crazy.”


Korban Lewis (11th)

“I think they’re fine, they only hurt people that are already prepared to do worse than they could be doing. Other than that, they’re good for looking up stuff, and can honestly help other people do better in class.”


Chan Saecho (11th)

“They’re fine. They’re not a distraction, I feel like it’s okay to use them when the teacher isn’t teaching anything, but if the teacher is teaching it should be put away.”


Riley Salazar (12th)

“I believe for some it definitely causes a distraction, but for me every now and then, I get to take a little break and go on it, and that helps me refresh to keep working my best.”


Bailey Sparks (12th)

“I think they can be a distraction, but they aren’t for me personally.”