Christie Explains the Nuts and Bolts of Impeachment

Ashlee Jeanmarie, Staff Writer

With the Impeachment of our current president Donald Trump a lot of people had mixed reactions and expectations. Some thought this meant Trump was getting kicked out of the office,  and some had no idea what to think. 

For starters “to impeach” means to charge. It does not mean the President is removed from the office. It’s more of a political process. 

Here are the steps, according to Social Studies teacher Kevin Christie, for the Impeachment process.

1-The House of Representative can introduce Impeachment just like they can any other bill. This then goes to the Judiciary Committee and the chairperson decides whether or not to pursue Impeachment.

2- If the chairperson decides to impeach the President, this means the President is accused of committing crimes such as bribery and misdemeanors, etc. An investigation is held to see what the President is doing wrong.

3- Once the investigation is over, the whole House has to vote to Impeach the President. If the  majority votes to Impeach, the Speaker is supposed to move the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

4- The Senate conducts a trial where all Senators are jurors, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is the judge presiding over the trial.

5- At the end of the trial if majority voted the President is guilty, the President is removed  from office and the Vice President takes over. If the President is not found guilty, he will continue to be in office until the presidential term is over.