CHS Offers ASVAB Friday


Jared Arenas, Staff Writer

Centennial is offering a free opportunity to take the nationwide ASVAB Test from 9 AM to 1 PM in the community room this Friday.

This is a grading day for teachers, so there will be no school. 

The test is run by the Department of Defense, and is an opportunity for students to see whether or not they would be eligible to enlist in the military, but also offers students an insight to their skills.  Students do not have to be interested in a military career to take the ASVAB, and will not be recruited if they choose not to be.

Juniors and seniors are the primary targets for the test, but younger students throughout the school are eligible to take it. ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, they measure knowledge in certain areas such as the ability to solve simple arithmetic problems or a student’s ability to acknowledge the fundamentals of mechanical devices and their properties.

The four main areas that would be tested are Word Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, and Paragraph Comprehension, which are all basic skills someone working in the military will need. In order to take the test, students must first pre-register by reserving a seat in the counseling office ahead of time.

The day of the test, students will need to register and be able to provide their own form of transportation to and from the school.