Acker Takes on Curriculum Role


Tina Acker

On October 28, 2019 Tina Acker became the new director of curriculum and student learning. 

She’s in charge of everything curriculum-related including teacher training, materials to support instruction and more. 

Let’s say that a teacher wanted to add an extra course they would submit a proposal and Acker along with her team either approves, asks for more information or declines. The decision is 100% based on improving schools, she said.

While previously working at  Portland Public Schools, Acker chose Centennial High School because the opportunity came and it’s her passion to serve in a diverse community. 

Acker said she loves what she does and she loves that Centennial has a really strong sense of community. It’s important to her to make a difference and she sees the potential to do so. She shares what is learned with her colleagues and says that Centennial has a strong group of teachers.

Acker has achieved her goal to visit every school in the district.   She believes in order to be the best she can be she needs to be connected to the schools. She says it’s the best way to see what needs to be done differently. Although it’s hard sometimes to balance time with meetings and visiting schools, the “sacrifice is worth it,” she said. 

She wants all students and staff to know, “I’m here for everyone”.