District Moves Forward with $60M Bond

District Moves Forward with $60M Bond

Madison Sternoff, Staff Writer

As 2020 has begun, it is getting closer to the time for the vote on the Facilities Planning Effort.  There was a board meeting on January 8 that discussed the possible $60 million bond and more on what would be implemented if it is passed.  During a board meeting on January 22, the board voted to proceed with the bond.   

The bond will be on the ballot this spring.

During the meeting, the possibility of converting the Oliver and Parklane elementary schools to a 6-8 middle school was one of the topics of discussion.  If this were to happen both middle schools would be grades 6-8 and staff would be moved around to accommodate for the addition. This idea is one that will be implemented along with the others of the Facilities Planning Effort.  The school district wants two middle schools for the purpose of allowing students to have more time to adjust to days filled with multiple classes to get ready for high school. The hope is that this will allow for an integrated math curriculum to be made so that students will be more prepared for high school math.  It will also hopefully better align the Science and English curriculums.

There was another board meeting on January 17.  During the meeting, there was a discussion on if the bond passes that there shouldn’t be an increase in the current tax rate.  The board members strongly want there to be no increase, with the hopes that district tax payers will be willing to pass the bond.