Tennis in Transition


Centennial’s boys and girls tennis teams seasons are over. Both teams grew this year with new players. There’s a lot of new JV players in both teams and still some from preseason that are on varsity now. Both tennis teams are Coached by Jimmy Mei and Vivian Ngo.

Ngo said the season went well overall. She explained there were lots of new talented girls who were very excited to learn how to play tennis. “I would say the most memorable thing was being able to still have a JV tournament with both teams where varsity supported and JV had fun.” Ngo believes that in the future the team is in good hands because there are young passionate players ready to step up and she will be here to coach them next year too.

Coach Mei started coaching the boy’s tennis team in 2016, almost 7 years now. “This year has been really exciting because we have some strong freshman players, and we got one of our seniors, Kevin Kim, to state. It’s been over 20 years since the boy’s team sent someone to state, so it’s a big statement.” Coach Mei’s most memorable moment of this season was watching Kevin Kim qualify for state. “There’s no doubt the team’s strength (next year) will take a hit because this is a strong senior class. But at the same time, we have some underclassmen with a lot of potential. With the inspiration from Kevin Kim going to state this year, I think we’ll have a solid team next year.” and Coach Mei will be there to coach next year.