Centennial’s New Cell Phone Policy?


Centennial High School staff members are considering a rule where students aren’t allowed to use cell phones during school. Cyber bullying got worse this year. Students posted pictures of other students and staff on social media and made certain remarks about them.

Accounts made just for these posts, especially on Instagram. The captions would include hurtful comments about their looks, the way they acted, or making fun of what they were doing in the photo. It had a negative impact on how other schools see us. So, to put a stop to it, staff thought a cell phone policy was needed next year, and that it’s for the best.

It’s not confirmed, but it could be possible. Students will be greatly affected by this. Cell phones are a huge part of society and most people can’t live without them. The average phone usage of teens is 7 hours per day according to “Teen & Kids Screen Time Statistics 2023” by Peter Susic. That’s almost how long a school day lasts.

Students claimed the policy would not help cyber bullying, but actually make it worse. “It could cause the bullying to be in person and physical,” Kisha Cruz said. While this could be true, and a potential to happen, we don’t know yet. Other students said the policy could cause even more conflict than there already is. “People could still take pictures and the cyber bullying would get even worse. Also, this policy could cause students to do walkouts, or start treating teachers badly,” Neveah Norris added.

Some teachers have rules about phones and are strict because they think they’re a distraction. While other teachers are okay with students using them at given times and aren’t as strict. Mrs. Holk, a Language Arts teacher, stated “My original rule is you have to put them away, but you can listen to music with the fact your phone is stored away.” Every teacher has a different opinion, and different rules. Ms. Hardin who teaches ASL said “Phones have to be put away in cubbies at all times or you can charge them.” So, why are most teachers strict about phone use? Because they claimed phones do affect students’ learning.

The article “Do phones belong in school?” by Anna Lamb, a Harvard Staff writer, the article included many teachers disagreeing with phone use in school. Teachers agree with the fact that our brains can’t multitask, so people end up getting distracted by your phone. “What’s triggering getting on your cell phone versus jumping into our class discussion, or whatever it may be?” Was also said in the article. 77 percent of schools in the U.S have gone through with a no phone policy, because phones undercut learning.