How Teacher Appreciation Makes Teachers Feel


The week of May 7th- May 13th 2023 is considered teacher appreciation week. Some teachers may love this week, while others may look at it as just another week they’re waiting for to pass by. By the beginning of May, most teachers feel burnt out or ready for the school year to end just like the students. Sso a gift or even a card to them may uplift their spirits this week.
Back in 1984, we declared this week as teacher appreciation week! Every teacher deserves more than they receive. They try to teach or lecture, while students may be talking, interrupting, causing issues, or just not even paying attention which can really affect their mindset. Some teachers can feel very drained after this and mentally exhausted while others may play into the fun of it. Regardless of the situation you should go do something special for that favorite teacher of yours and remind them they are heard. Some students here at Centennial have shown their appreciation for their favorite teachers this week. One example is Jada Rice, a junior here at Centennial High School. She bought Mr. Basinski his favorite coffee from Blackrock and even bought him candies and a card for him! She has been his TA and student for the last two years and it was a very sentimental moment to watch. Little things like that can make someone’s day, so be like Jada and do something sweet.
Seeing a student’s point of view on teacher appreciation week can have us see what the students feel about it. We can see if anyone has given any more gifts to teachers, showed appreciation, or any upcoming plans students want to do for them. “I received a very lovely present from my favorite student of all time,” Basinski started out, “I believe one of her friends tried to bribe me with a dollar bill [laughs], and we got breakfast burritos from the school.” As Basinski was stating what he received and from who, the smile continuously grew on his face from the feeling of being seen as a teacher.
When asked if she believes teachers deserve more appreciation Jada Rice said confidently, “Yes, I think they have spent a lot of time trying to prepare you for real life,” Rice continues on, “ It’s the least you could do for one week out of the nine months we’re in school.”
“It’s hyped up and you see it on emails but it’s just words I would say,” Basinski says, “I don’t know what you could do to make it better but how about a day off for teachers!” With appreciation week also comes some downsides. Yes, it is very nice to have a week just for teachers but some teachers may think it could be fixed and made better, or they think, as Basinski said, it’s just words. In the end, you never know how someone will view this week but try to make it the best it can be instead of it being just words and nothing coming with it. We as students, or even faculty themself can find little ways to make this week even more special.
Posters, walls, posts on the website, or even just a drop by of sentimental letters to all teachers can do more than what’s given. They appreciate it all nonetheless, but next year let’s make it bigger and better for them.