Join Culinary Arts!


If you are currently struggling to choose an elective, you should pick Culinary Arts! Culinary Arts is a cooking class, taught and led by Mrs. Wissler. In Culinary, you learn abilities such as, knife skills, proper sanitization, kitchen prep, and of course cooking/baking. Not only do you just learn cooking skills, you also attain teamwork skills. “I would highly recommend joining Culinary Arts. During my time in Culinary, I’ve gained a whole new set of abilities. I’ve been taught new recipes, and even gained confidence in my cooking skills,” Yareli Lopez commented.

Besides cooking, many students who have joined Culinary Arts have spoken about how it helped them improve their cooperation skills. For instance, greater communication, and exceptional partnership abilities. “Once I joined Culinary I feel like my abilities and knowledge in cooking has increased drastically. I learnt along the way that cooperation and working together as a team will give you the best end result. It’s also incredibly rewarding to see the end result together as a group.” Mianel Araujo stated.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to try out something new. Cooking is essential to our day to day lives, and so it is incredibly beneficial to learn the basics of cooking early on. “Culinary provides a great opportunity for your future. However, the class is pretty difficult to get into, so you should be grateful if you even get the chance.” Austin Ly expressed.

If you’d like to join Culinary Arts you should speak to your counselor about joining for next trimester.