Eagle Vision


On January 16th, 2023, Centennial enforced a rule beginning a new program titled Eagle Vision. By making Centennial a better community, Centennial enforced the rule of no roaming the hallways during a class period without a hall pass or excused pass. Students out of class are given either ISS or lunch detention in addition your parents will be notified of the infraction. The purpose is to enforce a distraction-free environment for our students to learn and keep up with their school work. By enforcing this new rule, we believe that it will greatly impact our school in a positive way and change the attitude of our students for the better.

On January 16th, almost 150 students were in the halls between classes without passes and this caused a major disruption in our learning environment. Since then, nearly 25 students have been caught in the halls. In the last few weeks during the hall sweep, students would be put in ISS and then at any point of the rest of the day they must be escorted to the cafeteria and they cannot talk to anyone.

Student Alysanne Fuller said, “I was told I couldn’t have my phone, I couldn’t sit next to anyone, they even said I couldn’t do schoolwork!” A few other sources expressed their feelings about the hall sweeps. One person said “ I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone, not even when I’m being escorted to the cafeteria.” another said “They expect us students to learn and be in class but then when we get caught in the hallways during the hall sweeps, they take us to the ISS room or community room to just sit there and do nothing. They expect us to have good grades and be in class but then stick us in a room for an hour and a half doing nothing.” Many students verified these statements taking this situation from a different perspective from the student’s point of view.