The Speech and Debate Team

Do you want to experience the adrenaline rush of “Fighting someone to the death while wearing a professional suit and sounding smart,” as once described by Emanuel Tsegaye? If so, Speech and Debate might be for you. Speech and Debate is an extracurricular activity where our team competes in tournaments debating for and against a topic. There are 4 people on the team right now, Bryson Camat, Bryan Moua, Dulce Rico-Carvajal and Emanuel Tsegaye. The club meets every Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 in room 125. The coach of the team is Mallory Copeland (They/Them).

Emanuel Tsegaye joined in early November 2022, “I saw the website and thought it would be a good extracurricular (activity).” When asked if he enjoyed the club he replied, “Yes; it has been a fun experience so far. It’s an intense but cathartic experience.”
The team goes to tournaments through Portland Urban Debate League, their last tournament was November 19th. They got two wins and two losses, “It was kinda decent.” The team’s next tournament is January 28th, all of the tournaments fall on Saturdays. Sadly Emanuel will not be in attendance because he has to work.

If you, yes you reader, want to join or you know someone who would be interested in joining, it’s actually easy and there are no requirements. Just show up on Wednesday and email Coach Mallory ([email protected]) they can do a very quick catch up session via zoom. “I joined super late with no experience and got an even score at my first tournament because Mallory was able to coach me very well.” Emmanuel remarked.