The Nest Update

The Nest, commonly known as and referred to as the student store, is a store in the cafeteria that sells drinks and slushies. They also sell Centennial themed clothing. While it is run by the school, it’s mainly students working at it. Last year it was run by the much beloved Mr. Miller who also taught business and marketing classes. Mr. Miller switched to a more online role this year, which left the responsibilities of running the student store to someone else.
Franklin Stutevoss began working at Centennial High School around September 2021. He works in the Career and Technical Education department, he teaches business and marketing classes. After Mr. Miller took a more online presence Mr. Stutevoss was put in charge of the student store. Before working for Centennial, Mr. Stutevoss worked in ticket sales for the Winterhawks.
The operations in the store remain mainly the same day to day with a little variation, Operations mainly revolve around changing slushies, restocking drinks, ordering more drinks, getting ice, cleaning the store and handing the money. He knew little to nothing about how the store ran before he began running it. Working at the student store is actually its own class, it’s called business and marketing 3a and you need to take two or three business or marketing classes before you can take it.
Mr. Stutevoss is a very chill, laid back guy; he carries himself with a sarcastic but lighthearted attitude. It’s always a pleasure to be in his classes and I would totally recommend them.