End of the Trimenster


As the trimester nears an end it is a big change from the previous semester schedule we had last year. The big change from semesters to trimesters resulted in longer classes, five periods a day, earlier finals, and of course three trimesters. This was a significant change for students who were previously here who were used to the semester schedule. We wanted to know how this impacted students so we decided to conduct some interviews on how they felt about this change.

One student said “I don’t like the trimester schedule. The classes feel too long and it makes me lose focus.” A significant change we know is definitely the longer classes with only five instead of 7 and with each class going from being 52 to 72 minutes. Another student stated, “I think it’s better than last year, more manageable because of the shorter trimester”. With the longer classes comes shorter trimesters which have mixed reviews. One student said “I like it, but I don’t like how long the classes are, but I like it.” This student also stated how he liked having finals early in the school year. With the early finals students don’t have to squeeze in that much studying with one trimester being roughly 3 months which is a nice shift from having to study for one semester of work. A different student said “the trimester schedule is confusing and it changes a lot” but states it doesn’t really impact her on managing school.

As we can see the trimester schedule has its mixed reviews. Some students like certain aspects, some students don’t like certain aspects of it. From the interviews we can see most students don’t really hate it but they definitely think it can improve.