Girls Soccer First Win

Varsity Soccer Girls first win of the season! Against the Reynolds Raiders! I talked to a few of the  captains, some of which include Zoi Hicks about the game, and asked how they felt about the big first win.  

The first half of the game was great,” said Zoi Hicks. Zoi is a junior and she has been playing soccer for 13 years. With an almost all brand new team, Zoi as captain is very happy about their first win. I asked Zoi who scored the first goal, and she said “Kyla Williams.” Kyla is a sophomore and a midfielder. I also asked Zoi what the most stressful part of the game was, and she said it was at the end of the game, when making sure Reynolds didn’t score. Then I asked her what the best part  of the game was. She responded and said, when they went back in after halftime, because the score was 1-1. I also asked her how her and Alex felt leading their team to a win as captains. She said that her and Alex are very happy leading their team to a win, and with an all new team it’s hard to do. My last question for Zoi was, “who scored the last 3 goals?” And she said, “Kyla Williams, then Victoria Dominguez Silva, and Marisol Lopez.”

Wishing the best of luck to the Girl’s Soccer team the rest of the season. Hopefully many more games like this are yet to come, great job Girl’s Soccer!