Staff & Truck Driver Shortage

Amanda L. McKinney, Writer

Have you noticed that most shelves in stores are empty or have a lot of stuff that are used for holidays in stock earlier than usual? Well, there’s many reasons why that is. 

First off, most supply chains run out of stuff later into the season/ year because we don’t have enough truck drivers to deliver the stuff that’s needed on time. So, they have been delivering products earlier. For instance, you all have probably  seen that stores are already selling Christmas lights and decorations even though it’s still September. 

Another reason why that is, is because there’s families or people that like to shop for stuff early or around the time of year. The shortages have been around since COVID first started in 2020, but I believe it’s become even more challenged due to inflation with everything, which is costing more money than usual, consequently making it a bit more stressful shopping for the holidays, and for the regular stuff such as food, drinks and toiletries.