The 2023 CHS Homecoming!


Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

It’s a yearly tradition in high schools all across the USA – homecoming! CHS’s homecoming is officially underway with some fanfare. Homecoming has historically been an event that provides a sense of school spirit and pride kind of like powderpuff or prom. Homecoming celebrations have been a staple of teenage Americana since the early 1900’s, to boost the morale of the school. And gives students an opportunity to enjoy some festivities, that break up the tedious schedule of school work they endure all year. One of the most recognizable parts of homecoming is the court that pairs men and women who compete to be crowned homecoming king and queen! The tradition is to bring back last year’s homecoming king and queen to crown the new royals of CHS. The way our school picks how to take the crown is a series of votes much like a democracy. As I am writing this our votes have all been counted so all we can do is wait to see who will be crowned! Other than court there are also a number of events involved with homecoming such as the homecoming dance. The dance is held on a Saturday (This year’s dance will be held on Friday the 30th from (9pm-11pm) and can be held off campus. Usually it takes place in a large dance hall to ensure that they can get as many kids in as possible. Many bring along a group of friends or a date to the dance as is customary with America’s youth. The dance is also usually held after homecoming dinner and from there students attend  the dance. The dance also usually has a theme, this year the theme at CHS happens to be “Disney and Pixar .”Anyways this is all fine and well, but the biggest part of homecoming has to be “The homecoming game.” One of the biggest football games of the school year! This year’s game will be a battle against Forest Grove. And when all is said and done, our school will revert back to its normal state, and get back to the CHS grind we have all come to know and “Love.”