Johnny Depp for the Win!

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

It’s official – the Depp vs. Heard case is over and without much surprise. Cpt. Jack Sparrow himself has come up with the victory. The verdict was that Heard would be paid 2 million for her own counter sue but Depp would be paid a whopping 150.35 million.

Now of course this is chump change for these two people but many don’t think this case was about the money but rather to expose Amber Heard. Now Depp is no saint either but it’s clear to see after all this coverage across the internet that Heard was most certainly in the wrong, and has a past of abuse just ask her ex-girlfriend Taysa Van Ree, and though it is alleged, many will go out on a limb and say that Heard is guilty for those crimes.

When asking people at CHS what they thought about this turn of events it’s clear to see that the school is most definitely team Depp on this one.

The bottom line is Johnny not only wins 10.35 million, but Amber’s life is in fact ruined as she will now forever be known as an abusive dunce. But hey she’s rich, so I don’t really think she cares anyways.