College and Career Information / Updates

College and Career Information / Updates

Emina Hergic, Writer

Being in high school, whether it be as an underclassmen or upperclassmen on their way to graduating, it’s generally a good idea to devise a plan post high school. But that can be difficult without a sense of guidance or direction, inexperience in employment, or outside support. The college and career center is designated to provide students with information on scholarships, volunteering opportunities, and it also helps with the process of applying for a job or to a program.

For students who are unaware, the college and career center is located in the green hallway, across from the counseling office center. Mr. Henderson says the best way to get involved in these various opportunities would be to stop by the C&C center and seek out the person in charge of the opportunity, or the man himself, Mr. Henderson. According to Henderson, most students tend to favor the medical career path, and programs such as CAL which can be tremendously beneficial in terms of gaining real experience in a career field.

Although the opportunity may not go according to plan or as intended, he says it’s a good learning experience to get involved regardless. He says it enables students to discover whether or not pursuing a certain career path is right for them. And that it also allows for you to attain essential life skills such as time management, communication, responsibility, and adjusting/adapting to a social environment. This year, Henderson says in between scholarships, getting credits for jobs, and volunteering an estimated 30-40% of the school has come in seeking out an opportunity.

Overall, the kids gain a positive experience and also college credits with CAL programs, which puts them ahead of most students. This financially saves many students at a substantial cost (which can prevent debt), and also provides them with an advantage in graduating school early. Alongside the C&C center, the careers and trades fair also exposes students to accessible information which can be conducive in gaining a more knowledgeable perspective on a career field. The transition post high school also tends to be more straightforward and less difficult for students who already have prior knowledge as to what they want to pursue. Since they are more prepared, executing a plan and achieving personal goals is much easier, and becoming self reliant/sufficient early on enables them to become financially independent and thrive on their own to become successful.