Senior Pranks?


Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

As the school year closes at CHS, a shadow looms over the underclassmen and staff of our school…senior pranks!

This school phenomenon has been taking students and staff alike by storm for around as long as schools and pranks have existed for the same time – so for a while!

These pranks can vary from a simple whoopie cushion to the classic bucket of water above the doorway. While clearly popular in America this tradition is also prevalent in countries such as Australia and England where it is called “Muck-Up Day.”

When speaking with seniors around the school they all seemed very excited if not a little terrified with the prospect of being pranked when they least expect it! The staff seemed interested in a concerned way. So apparently the challenge has been laid down and the senior class of 2022 is looking to perform at a level that will go down in history! Or at least the history of the next few following weeks…