Series: Student Cars – Interview with Anthony Villa


Michael Montano-Diaz, Writer/Photographer

For the past 10 months, Anthony has been driving his 2007 G35 Sedan.

When asked about why he chose a G35 Sedan, Anthony told me he was, “Looking for a car that looked sporty and was still luxury and pretty fast. This was the best car I found for luxury, speed and reliability.”

Anthony’s list of modifications include:
-Catalytic Converter Delete
-Aftermarket Test Pipes
-Aftermarket Air Intakes

Villa says that the G is pushing up to 340 horsepower.

Anthony told me he experienced one major mechanical issue, a misfire in the G’s third cylinder, that he was able to get fixed, other than that he has only experienced minor issues.

I asked Anthony why he decided to start modifying his car, he told me, “I love the sound cars make, I love cars, it’s a lifestyle man.” Anthony told me that at first his parents were annoyed by how loud his G was, but they got used to it, something that many car enthusiasts can probably relate to.