CHS Trades and Career Fair Reminder

CHS Trades and Career Fair Reminder

A reminder that we are hosting a Trades and Career Fair at Centennial on Tuesday, May 17th.

Here are the details….

Who- CHS Juniors and Seniors

What- Trades and Career Fair

Where- CHS Auditorium Turnaround

When- Tuesday, May 17th during 6th and 7th periods

How- Juniors and Seniors report to their 6th period class. 6th period teachers take roll. 6th period teachers have discretion on whether juniors and seniors may attend the event. When 6th period ends, juniors and seniors head to their 7th period class and the same steps are repeated.

**There will be a raffle held towards the end of 7th period for any junior or senior who gets their “passport” signed by 6 vendors and turns it in. Passports will be distributed at the event.