DMV – How-To


Kurtis Yang, Writer

Prior to COVID, setting up DMV appointments were fairly simple, as all you had to do was call or walk in. Now with many rules being changed since the start of COVID, it can be confusing on how to set up appointments. When setting up appointments, you can go to Oregon’s DMV website and go to “Make, Change, or Cancel an Appointment” or “Schedule, Cancel, or Change an Appointment” and choose what type of appointment you need.

If it’s a drivers test, select “Get a License or ID” and select the given options that best correspond to your needs and fill out the required information needed for your appointment. After you complete these steps you will be given options on where to set your appointment. When doing this, check all locations near you and try to schedule the first appointment you see as many DMVs are booked up on driver road tests. If you manage to get an appointment, you can try to reschedule later or you can keep the time on the one you’ve scheduled.

If it’s a permit test, select the option “Get a Permit” and select the options that best fit your needs and fill out the customer information. When this is done, you will be given the option to select where you would like to set an appointment at. However since the permit test is taken on computers, you can simply walk into a DMV with your required information and take the permit test the same day. However, walking in without an appointment means you will have to wait for everybody who arrived before you to be called up before you are allowed to set up your test.

When scheduling an appointment for a road test, it can be difficult to find one at a DMV so you can also schedule an appointment at a third party company which can be found on the DMV website. Third party companies may offer drive test appointments at earlier times, but they may also charge a fee for setting the appointment. If you schedule an appointment at a third party company and pass your road test, you will need to set an appointment at a DMV to have your driver’s license picture taken.

Since many COVID restrictions have been lifted, you can walk in and have a same day appointment (except for the drive test). Though you can walk in, you will still have to take a ticket and wait for your number to be called which can take hours so setting an appointment is recommended as you will be sent up to the counter skipping the wait.