Interview with Sophomore Cynthia Arenas – Field Day?

Interview with Sophomore Cynthia Arenas - Field Day?

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

We all remember field day right? That one magical day where you go out to your school’s field to enjoy food, friends, and activities, along with the simple excitement of getting out of the classroom. Now me personally, the last time I had a field day was when I was in elementary school at Lynch Meadows (now just Meadows Elementary), and it was about a one-hour event in which we just threw water balloons at each other, while ASB’s (Associated Student Body) own Cynthia Arenas is planning for an all day event filled with many accommodations such as food carts and ping pong tables.

Now that is all well and good, but there is one thing that may raise some eyebrows, and that is the fact that this event, if it happens, will take place on May 18th. Normally it would take at least around a month to plan all this out and properly set everything up, but they want to get all this up and rising in two weeks. Also we haven’t even touched on the fact that things such as bouncy houses cost a lot of dough, dough that we may not have… So to get some more info on how exactly this would all work out, I had the opportunity to speak with Cynthia Arenas and find out if any of this is even possible.

She came in with a large smile and very happily explained her plans and intentions with this event. My first question was who exactly was helping to make this event happen. As it turns out it is simply the class of 2024 making this possible. Regarding their methods of gaining money, she said, “That’s the tricky thing. We will take it out of our own accounts.” She said they were hoping to not only put the money into the school but also some kind of charity (they have not chosen which one yet). Arenas also explained that any of CHS’s clubs would be welcome to make their own fundraisers and have them featured at the event. One other source of money will be the $4 fee to get into the field day event.

Finally, I asked if she thought it will happen. She said that it should all go fine. “We just want it to be a fun end of a year thing.” As she put it, this event will be somewhat of a throwback to the field days of old when we were all young boys and girls going to elementary school.

In conclusion, I hope that it all works out, and we get this field day as it will be an opportunity to have a nice final hoorah to this school year, greeting us to the summer on a positive note.