Should Late Start be the Norm?

Should Late Start be the Norm?

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

I, like many students here at CHS, adore our Wednesdays. The idea of getting that extra hour of sleep makes mine along with many other students mouth water. But I have often wondered if having a “late start schedule” would make any positive change to a student’s day.

So of course being the competent journalist I am, I decided to go out into the halls of my school, and ask students and staff alike whether or not they would: A. be open to this idea and B. how do they feel this would affect the students here at CHS.

Now, of course with little surprise the majority of people I asked – students and staff alike – thought that this change would be a positive one. One staff member said that the idea of a late start schedule being the norm would “Help put people in a better mood.” This comes with the idea that many people at this school are night owls, especially upperclassmen since the majority of them are working or studying harder than the average lowerclassmen. So them getting that extra sleep can really make the difference between a morning being a painstaking struggle or an easygoing experience. In fact many students I presented this concept with agreed and nodded their heads at this idea. Now I personally work many hours late at night as a DoorDash delivery man so I understand the struggle of being up all night and having to get up to rise and grind at school. Also when I personally wake up on a Wednesday I not only am in a better mood, but I seem to wake up naturally without the help of an alarm. So I would personally love the idea of school starting at 9:10.

Now of course we are all unique as individuals and those here at CHS are no different. When speaking with the masses here at our school I actually met with quite a few people who would see the day always starting out at 9:10 being a negative rather than a positive. One student explained how it would take “A lot of getting used” to and that does make sense, not everyone’s brain is the same. Another member of the CHS community explained how a late start on Monday may be a better option than on Wednesday since you would be starting the week out right with some extra rest after a weekend of staying up and sleeping in late. This then by association makes Tuesday easier.

So in conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that most staff and students here at CHS would be happy with this change, but some would have mixed feelings about it. Now of course this change will most likely never happen as most things we think are good ideas are just that. Ideas. But it’s always good to daydream I think. Anyways thanks for reading this and make sure to savor those Wednesdays… They truly are one of the things that keep us going in the struggle we call school weeks.