The End of an Era


Desi Walker, Writer

Harry Styles fans went wild upon hearing that Harry is releasing his third album (HS3) on May 20th 2022. Fans have been speculating both the release and theme of HS3 for months. Starting on March 19th, Instagram and Twitter accounts “You are Home” appeared with hints of the album. Using the imagery of doors, each day since March 19th, there has been a new door opened revealing an image behind. Paired with the You are Home Twitter account, daily quotes of what are likely lyrics of records or titles of songs are tweeted daily. Fans have taken to Twitter and Tik Tok to speculate what the images and phrases mean. On March 24th, the image revealed was that of grapes, corresponding with the tweet “pleasure pearl” which fans believe to be a follow up record to Fine Lines “Watermelon Sugar”.

What has struck fans the most however is the video clip announcing the release of Harry’s House. Fans reversed the audio in the background of the 40 second video and believe that the tune is a melody of one of the records on the album. Accompanying a tweet from “You are Home” it is believed the melody is “In this world, it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was.” Our suspicions were confirmed on March 28th when Harry announced the release of his single “As it Was” on April 1st. While our speculations about the melody of “As it Was” turned out to be wrong, we were far from disappointed with the three minute music video of the single. The new single is starkly different from Style’s other releases in that it expresses vulnerability and a look into the artist’s journey of self discovery over the pandemic. The single juxtaposes a synth-pop melody with lyrics like “Answer the Phone/Harry you’re no Good Alone/Why are you Sitting at Home on the Floor?” that reflect an intense feeling of melancholy and isolation.

Harry has set the bar high for his creative debut of his new album, leaving a trail of pop culture references for his fans to speculate. We can only wonder what he has in store for us in the next month pending the release of “Harry’s House”.