Series: Student Cars


Michael Montano-Diaz, Writer

Q1: What’s your name, age and grade?
A1: My name Adam Hawkins, I’m 17 and I’m a junior.

Q2: Does your car have a name?
A2: Silvie.

Q3: What’s the year/make/model of your vehicle?
A3: I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan.

Q4: How long have you been driving your Caravan?
A4: I’ve had her for about a year now.

Q5: Why a Dodge Caravan?
A5: (Jokingly) Why not?
Uh, the truthful answer is, it’s a hand me down, from a couple people.
It’s on its last legs, but like, she’s pimp.

Q6: Have you done any modifications?
A6: I wish, but Silvie’s been around the block a minute, she’s making her last rounds.

Q7: What problems have you experienced while driving the Caravan?
A7: Sometimes it would die on me, straight up, I’d be driving and the radio would keep playing and the A/C would keep running but it would just die. Then I couldn’t use the power steering, and couldn’t accelerate anymore. I would have to pull over and shut it off. Then I would turn it back on again and rev the engine so the RPM’s would stay up. It’s been pretty reliable compared to a lot of other used cars I’ve seen. It’s gonna be tough giving up Silvie, eventually, she’s almost at 300k miles, that day is gonna come where she is not gonna come back, and I’ll hopefully upgrade to something a bit smaller, more speedy and more reliable.