Schumacher to take Dean of Students Position

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

Our school has selected a new Dean of our great students here at CHS, so naturally this was a topic that intrigued me as I am always looking for something to write about in order to maintain an A at my journalism class (yes, I’m shallow like that, don’t judge me…). I went around the school to ask students and staff what they thought of this new change, and eventually spoke with the man of honor himself to see how he feels about his new place in power. But first it would be a good idea to understand what exactly a Dean of Students does and why the position even exists at all.

A basic quick summary of being a Dean of Students would go something like this: a Dean of Students is the head organizer and coordinator of the school, almost like a stream of oil that keeps the machine going smoothly and without a hitch. This person also provides students with support as well as having an overlook on the experience of attending the school said students go to. So now that we have gone over what exactly the job entails, let’s continue on with how the school has taken this news and what they think about it.

Speaking to staff members, I found a recurring theme when they were describing Mr. Schumacher. It was a combination of “He’s such a great guy” and “He will be great for the position.” Despite a lot of them saying they don’t know much about the job, they simply think he is a stand up guy who they can get behind, which just shows the kind of respect and positive energy that seems to radiate off him. When I spoke with students, they seemed to just be happy that Hughes is gone.

Now I spoke with Mr. Schumacher in his new Dean’s office and I must say that it is quite comfy and definitely fit for the new Dean of Students. Schumacher, a culinary teacher (now part-time) here at CHS is known by many students and is generally liked by them. The idea of building a positive relationship with the students is one of his biggest missions here at CHS. When asking him what his message to the people here at the school is he said, “I am here,” signaling that he wants students to not fear and hate the Dean of Students, but rather see him as someone who is reasonable and is more of a fair leader than a dictator. He spoke on his aspiration of a pure mediation group at this school, which basically entails a handful of level-headed students that will have meets. This group would talk about issues at the school and how we can solve them in a quick concise way that will result in the school becoming the best that it can be for students and staff alike.

When I finished speaking with Mr. Schumacher, we had a firm handshake while he told me he was serious about what he said, and I went on my way back to The Talon office. At the time of writing this article, I can wholeheartedly say that this man is, or at least appears to be, the right person for a job as crucial as Dean of Students, considering he has the social skills and great ideas that will lead our school on the right path, in a positive way.