Mrs. Klotter Entering Retirement


Jose-Torres-Chavez, Writer

We sadly have to say goodbye to one of our great staff members here at CHS, Mrs. Klotter. I had the privilege of being able to interview her and ask her a few questions before she left.

How do you feel now that you are retiring after all these years?
With that she stated that “I’m very excited and feel a sense of freedom like when you graduate and I feel very empowered that I made a very difficult decision that only benefits myself.”

“What would you say was your best experience here at centennial?”
She states “I get an immense amount of joy every single day from my students, I get to meet many people from different cultures, and families, even learn the many traditions that my students do or have done. I would’ve never been able to learn all about my students if Centennial wasn’t such a diverse school.

“What are you gonna miss the most from centennial/teaching?”
“What I’m gonna miss about centennial again is just how diverse it is – I think its just amazing, but I’m also going to greatly miss the individual relationships I had with my students, and being so privileged on having their trust.”

With that being said she will be missed by many but also remembered by many. We wish you luck Mrs. Klotter for whatever happens next with your life.