2022 CHS Scholarships – One Sheet

2022 CHS Scholarships – One Sheet

Many of these are only for Centennial students so your likelihood of winning is really good! Please put them on your Checklist and apply for them!!!

Students: You will need to scan and email some of these scholarship applications to turn them in. There is a free app called “Swiftscan” that will allow you to scan and email multiple pages in one document. Please contact Ms. Klotter if you need support with this. I can help you! [email protected]

Deadline February 1st
PCC Foundation Scholarship

Deadline February 4th
Abby’s Closet “Dreams Scholarship” for females – 3 scholarships $2500, $1500, $1500
Abby’s Closet

Deadline March 18th
Greenfield Peace Scholarship, this year an entry is a 3 minute video.

Deadline March 31st
MHCC Foundation Scholarship https://www.mhcc.edu/scholarships/

PCC FutureConnect Scholarship (no GPA requirement) https://www.pcc.edu/future-connect/

Deadline March 31st (2022 Application available soon)
Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship for African American Females and Males
Scholarship Application

Deadline April 1st — 17 scholarships available!
Dale Krueger Scholarship, only for Centennial students, $8,000 over 4 years
Dale Krueger Scholarship
Dale Krueger Worksheet for more info
Requires 2 letters of recommendation. Submit letters to the CHS College and Career Center by email to: [email protected]

Deadline April 8th
Centennial Education Foundation, several scholarships available
Submit all applications to Adriann Hardin by email at: [email protected]

Deadline April 8th
Rotary Club Scholarship for Mt. Hood Community College
Gresham Rotary Club Scholarship Criteria
Gresham Rotary Club Scholarship Application
If you’d like to attach a separate Activities/Volunteer List for the answer to #3, here is one: School, Community Service, Volunteer Chart
Email applications and any attachments to Mike Henderson at [email protected]

Deadline April 14th
Harry Glickman Scholar-Athlete Award (Jewish students may apply or be nominated.)

Deadline April 15th
2022 Eastwind Running and Endurance Scholarship Application
http://eastwind.run/about-us/scholarship/ *This is the link to the website with information about last year’s scholarship. Make sure to apply using the 2022 scholarship application above.

Deadline April 22
Ken Noah Scholarship (Interested in Teaching)
Ken Noah Scholarship
Email applications to Mike Henderson at [email protected]

Centennial High School Faculty Scholarship (2)
CHS Faculty Scholarship
Email applications to Mike Henderson at [email protected]

Centennial High School Ron Pennington Scholarship
Pennington Scholarship Application
Email applications to Mike Henderson at [email protected]

Centennial High School College/Career Center Scholarship
College Center Scholarship
Email application to Mike Henderson at [email protected]

Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA) Scholarship
OSEA Scholarship Application
Email application to Mike Henderson at [email protected]

Deadline April 25th (Opens January 30th)
Clackamas Community College scholarships

Deadline April 28th
Pleasant Valley Elementary Scholarship *You must have “graduated” from Pleasant Valley to qualify for this scholarship.
Pleasant Valley Scholarship
Email applications to Mike Henderson at [email protected]