What is the Hardest Class at CHS?

Question for all students in this article:
What do you think is the hardest class in this school?

Name: Abigail Santosa
A. I think English because of its very high standards.

Name: Elijah Sweet
A. Chemistry because it just doesn’t make sense for me.

Name: Roy Flores
A: Biology because I don’t get it and I feel like you don’t need science in life.

Name: Juan Ochoa
A. I say AP Calculus for sure because there’s just too much math.

Name: Kayden Saechin
A. I think math because you have to pay attention to all the little things and you can’t miss a single step or you’ll be left behind.

Group Name: Angelina Le, Katie Moua, Lian Ning, Alexys GrahamGrahm…
A. We all say Pre Calc

Name: Co Phan
A. I say A.P. Psychology due to the learning process.

Name: Suhail Bakeran
A. I think math.

Name: Exodus Tardey
A. Chemistry because I just don’t know what I am doing.

Name: Arnez Davis
A. Chemistry.

Name: Elizabeth Fazzolari
A. I say yoga because the gym is very smelly and I get a headache, and it’s embarrassing because I can’t move like others due to injuries. And it’s slow, repetitive, and you have to workout on Wednesdays.