Tesla Bot Takeover?


Emina Hergic, Writer

Technological advancements are being made everyday, but the recent humanoid Tesla Bot engineered by the infamous Elon Musk has taken a completely different direction in terms of scientific progression. Although robots are generally perceived as menaces in opposition to humans in cyberpunk where everything goes catastrophically wrong. These bots are merely marketed as workforce replacements, and proposed strictly for economic growth. In taking the place of humans in boring and repetitive tasks. The real question is, should this be a cause for concern regarding social and economic opportunity, and what do these bots mean for our future? Could they be a potential threat to our society, or possess too much power for our economy?

In an already fast paced-world, it’s difficult to envision even more progression or modernization. Just in the last decade, technology has essentially become imperative in our society. More development means more profit. The fundamental purpose of this mass production is mechanization. Mainstream media has already expressed their regards to a world where virtually everything is mind VS machines. It’s difficult to believe this myth can be debunked when robots are mirroring exact human movements and behaviors. And especially when products such as these are seemingly advertised for a much broader plan.

But overlooking possible challenges between social and philosophical perspectives is a recipe for disaster to strike. From a philosophical perspective, yes robots replacing the workforce could promote more economic growth. However, from an ideological perspective, this could disregard social change in our society, and ultimately lead to less human interaction-which is not necessarily considered a good thing. To a great extent in which applied science is taken further. And could leave a lasting impact on the long term future of humanity, and socioeconomics.

The primary hazardous prospects associated with Tesla bots are dangerous malfunctions or violations of confidentiality. Musk however, claims there are constraints to prevent the occurrence of danger. In contrast to this, the bots are designed to “protect” humans, and are not programmed to be physically responsive or malfunction violently to humans. The bots will be designed to roughly 5 feet and 8 inches, and weigh nearly 125 pounds.

From self-driving cars, to superhuman bots, it’s easy to presume Musk is a man with ambition and aspiration for a world where science and technological innovation is transformative. And although the revolution of experimentation in science is both fascinating, and impressive. The causes for concern need to be addressed and taken closely into account. Because at large, the risks can outweigh the benefits, and this could be highly consequential in establishing an unsustainable civilization.