Film Club Update

Film Club Update

Aislynn Miller, Writer

The Film Club. A place to hang out with friends, watch movies, then analyze those movies and maybe film short videos to enter into the Film Festival. The average Film Club day consists of showing up to Ms. Holk’s room 123 at 3:15 p.m on Thursday. Some getting to know each other and icebreakers may take place followed by an educational video. After watching the video they might have a discussion about the different styles of films and that would be the end of the day.

Lately though the Film Club has been split up into individual groups to shoot their own personal Films for the Film Festival. The Film Festival is, as quoted by Khup Hau Tuang, the Film Clubs president, “A way for students to showcase their passion and creativity in filming. Basically I would say digital story-making.” The Festival has been pushed back multiple times because of COVID, and while they don’t have a set date yet, Khup expects it to happen sometime late February to early March. So if you are filming you better start to hurry!

On that note, other than the Festival nothing too big is coming up but Khup mentioned, “there are a lot of small little projects like film scholarships.” He plans to continue those after the Club ends. The summer also seems to be a busy time for the Club as they do a lot more filming because everyone is open.

I hope to see what the Film Club ends up filming over the year.