School Guidelines Reminder

School Guidelines Reminder

Kurtis Yang, Writer

For students who may have forgotten or may have never been able to learn, here is a friendly reminder from the staff on the school guidelines that are found on a daily basis.

If you are sick or are going to be absent on a certain day, you must take these steps to make sure you are marked as an excused absence:
Your parent/ guardian must call the school attendance office at 503-762-6180
Your parent/ guardian will come to an answering machine, follow instructions when asked
Speak clearly, give your student ID number, your first and last name, your reason for your absence, and your parent/ guardian’s first and last name that is calling for you

Lunch time guidelines:
During lunch, the areas that are open to students are the library, courtyards, cafeteria, the lunch hall, the office hall, the community room and hall (blue hall), and the library hall (green hall)
If students have a pass to a teachers room, they may leave to that room but must stay there for the entire period unless given another pass
If fire doors are closed when you are trying to go through a hallway, staff recommends going around and taking the long way to reach your destination to make less noise for teachers currently teaching or on break
The only students that are allowed to leave school campus are juniors and seniors who have a 2.0 GPA or higher, and have completed the off campus pass application that can be found through the instructions on page 27 of the student handbook. The student handbook can be found on the school website
During lunch, you can not go to the art wing, the math wing, the science and tech hall, the east and west hall, or the health and language hall

Staff would also like to recommend students not to eat and drink in the hall and to find somewhere to sit so that there is less risk of anything being spread while masks are off. Staff also wants to remind you to check in with your teachers before class in case there is an emergency.

If you have failing grades and are going to fail a class, you can reach your counselor to discuss schedule changes and credit recovery by visiting the counselors office to set up an appointment or by reaching your counselor via their email. Keep in mind that staff emails are different from student emails and end in

The school staff thanks the students for their flexibility and respectfulness for adjusting to the many new changes that have occurred.