Instagram in the World of CHS: A Fever-Dream in a Half


Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

Gen-Z: the generation that makes up the majority of the inhabitants in Centennial High School excluding our staff, of course. And with this comes the age of technology, discovery, and… social media. The latter of these things I just stated has led to some of the most stupid yet amazing creations known to man: “CHS Instagram accounts.” Whether it be pictures of bad parkers, or the shoes of students using the bathroom, there is no shortage of ideas from the brightest minds our school has to offer. Today I invite you to enter a world of laughter, stupidity, anger, and above all else, the true spirit of our wonderful school and its amazing Eagles.

I was approached by one of my colleagues about doing a story on this topic and seeing how A. It’s my job to write and B. I had nothing better to do. I said “Why not” and off I went to research the many CHS Instagram pages. Now I am not the most active on social media, but more of an observer, and it so happened that there were a lot of these CHS pages in my “recommend to follow” tab on my Instagram – mainly because my friends already follow these pages. I found it interesting that these pages seem to be spreading like a wildfire amongst the students here at CHS.

I believe the creation of these pages was a mix of boredom and the desire to spread inside jokes and topics through the hallways here at the school. Humans like to be in on things and to be a part of trends, and I must say these pages are most definitely a trend. These vary from a page with fake school updates or a “Fan page” dedicated to our lovely principal. There seems to be no shortage of pages to discover and follow on Instagram. I personally do not have any opinions about these accounts but from what I have gathered most people here at CHS think they are more funny and dumb then anything.

I think it’s a good thing most of these accounts are not used for harm but rather good fun and a simple short escape from the worries of the classroom. Social media can be an important reminder to not take life too seriously and simply go with the flow. Now does that mean I will be hopping on the bandwagon and starting my own CHS account? No, but I will be eagerly waiting to see what will be posted next on these many different accounts. They always seem to put a smile on my face.