Quarantine is more Stressful than People Think


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Vector illustration of a young attractive stressful woman surrounded by social media devices with virus information. Isolated on background

Being stuck in quarantine after winter break sounds like a dream right!? Getting an extra week off to do whatever I want… more time with new video games, more time to read my books, and much more time to do what I like before school. Well at least that’s what I thought. The first day before returning to school I got told a household member has tested positive for Covid-19.

Monday I was ecstatic, my stress level was barely there. I laid in bed all day away from my family playing Animal Crossing while watching the Amazing Spider-Man all day (and yes before you ask, I did watch the Amazing Spider-Man more than three times over the last week. I love Andrew Garfield).

Tuesday I was a bit stressed thinking about the classwork I am missing. It felt like March 2020 all over again, being isolated in my house unless I needed food or the bathroom. I wasn’t sick myself, but as a precaution my family and I stayed away from each other.

By Thursday I was getting cabin fever. You can only watch Spider-Man and play Animal Crossing for so many hours before you go a little stir crazy.

Friday morning when getting told I can leave my room and go back to school I nearly burst into tears from excitement. I was tired of sitting in my room for the entire week. I never realized how much one can go crazy when they are unable to leave their room and interact with their family, even though the family drives you crazy. Even though the week was stressful, I had never been more stressed than Friday when I was back at school.

Just because I had a break does not mean everyone else did and was still required to participate with my classes… let me tell you, the amount of homework I had… I nearly cried with stress. But at the end of the day, I was happy I was able to go to school and that family member is now healthy.