Dance Team Member Alivia Siscaretti – Interview

Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

Dance- it is an art form as old as time throughout history. It has been a way to express love, desire, passion, and one’s culture and identity, and at CHS it is no different. Our elite dance team is full of not only beautiful and talented dancers, but an aura of perfection and elegance seems to radiate off of each and every one of our dancing Eagles. One student in particular, a junior by the name of Alivia Siscaretti brings grace and style, alongside the dedication and heart that it takes to be at the top of the wide and wonderful but competitive world of dance.

I met with Siscaretti at her lunch in Mr. Millers’ room to discuss the many things that go on in her artistic and open mind that has led her to not only join the dance team but excel in this art in order to complete the goal of being on top and joining the dancing elite. Siscaretti has a background in dance, competing in studio dancing for 5 years and making it to state. This obviously went hand and hand with joining the CHS dance team.

Siscaretti and her team practice 3 times a week to perfect their technique and complex dance moves. Her dance skills as you can imagine were not just simply God-given. She has used her love for dance and determination for herself and her team to go to the next level of dance.

I asked why she danced, and what her drive to do it was, and she simply said, “I love to dance and perform.” Though this statement was short, it showed a certain level of humility she recognizes that she simply loves to dance and that is what drives Siscaretti.

In fact when I asked Alivia who she thought was the best dancer on the team she exclaimed that hands down it’s Nya Bussard. That is the kind of attitude where you can fully admit to not being the best that someone needs to later become the best. Siscaretti described how she simply likes to make people feel good. “I like making people happy.” A noble goal worthy of the noble art form of dance.

When the interview we had with her concluded she gave an easy smile and went on her way.

Only time will tell how far Alivia Siscaretti and our CHS dancing Eagles will go, but one thing’s for sure, and that’s that they will stop at nothing to master dance to gain all the recognition and glory that comes with it.