The Debate Club: An Argument for Debating


Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

I am not someone who is very fond of conflict. In fact there are few things I hate having to deal with but arguing is definitely one of them. But for those who choose to join and participate in the Speech and Debate club here at CHS, it is a way of life for them. I am here to learn exactly what this club of masters in the art of arguing is all about. I went and had an interview with one of the captains of the Speech and Debate club here at CHS, Elizabeth Dimitrova, to learn more about this very open, loud, and interesting pastime these students find themselves in. When I first met with Dimitrova she had a very confident look. A look that says “I am the president of the Speech and Debate club!” We had a talk in her study hall but it is amazing to see the work ethic of this CHS Senior. With 3 A.P. classes it’s safe to say that she has her hands full which shows her character of being steadfast and hardworking.

The first question I had for Dimitrova was of course, “Why? Why did you choose to commit yourself to the Speech and Debate club?” She replied with a smile and said in a confident manner “I like going deep into topics and arguments.” In fact she said her main drive of competing in Speech and Debate was and I quote “To compete and place in tournaments.” So clearly Dimitrova has the attitude of not only a competitor, but a winner. She has the mindset of giving not only 100% into her debates, but also squeezes that extra 10% in there to make sure she comes out victorious.

When asking her what titles she had acquired so far in her time as a CHS speech and debate team member, she had a impressive list of achievements: 2020 Police debate 2nd place, both Dimitrova and her brother Alex Dimitrova tied for first place in the year 2020 in a partner event, and she was 2019 4th place in extemporaneous speaking. And that is just restricted titles Dimitrova is very decorated in her career as a Speech and Debate member and doesn’t plan on stopping her journey of winning arguments and debates.

I then asked her how exactly did she gain the prestigious title of being a captain in the CHS Speech and Debate program. She explained that Jen Loeung who runs the Speech and Debate team brought Jesse Fonseca, her brother Alex Dimitrov, and Dimitrova herself and basically told them they were the best people for the job. It is very interesting that we have a brother-sister combo on Speech and Debate but it’s also impressive that they are at such a high level in their craft. I think it’s safe to say that debating seems to run in the family.

I then concluded this interview asking Dimitrova about any advice she could give to any young man or woman that wishes to pursue a career in Speech and Debate. “Don’t be afraid.” She said, “You can learn and get better.” Dimitrova basically said that there is no pressure and to not think too hard about it. Like any other recreational activity you will gain skill as the years go on.

I then thanked her for the time she took out of her day to be interviewed and wished her luck as she will be graduating this year. I hope that you dear reader has learned a thing or two about this amazing member of our CHS community.