Interview with Jennifer Hopkins – Series of Graduates, now Staff Members


Jacqueline Lemus-Govea, Assistant Editor

What year did you graduate?

How has the school changed (positive & negative)?
It is a lot more diverse now. The library used to be where the math wing is, you had to go outside to get to it. There was a student-run restaurant where the community room is. They had delicious food. The student store was across the hall from there, and Mr. Baker ran it at the time, and Mr. Porterfield at a time did as well. We had spirit assemblies on Fridays and the gym was packed, then everyone went to the sporting events. There wasn’t an empty seat at a basketball game. I miss that school spirit and pride.

Why did you decide to come back to CHS?
We live in the district and my kids go to school in Centennial so my position of Registrar has a perfect schedule to spend time with them and has great benefits. My commute to work is only 5 minutes.

Who was your favorite teacher at CHS?
Mr. Bremer. He taught English.

What was your favorite subject(s)?
English and Science

What classes were offered then that aren’t now?
Stanek had a dark room, so that photography class is no longer offered. I dissected a fetal pig in AP [Biology]