Interview with Dennis (Class of 2011) and Miller (Class of 2005) – Series of Graduates, now Staff Members


Nicholas Nathan White, Writer

The talon is doing a story on teachers who went to CHS. I was assigned Mr. Dennis and Mr. Miller and had these interviews with them.

White: How was your experience with CHS when you attended?
Dennis: “Fine, I did cross-country and band for a while.”
Miller: “It was awesome towards the back half of my time here. My freshman year and sophomore year I was trying to find who I was but by junior year I had a good time and my senior year was a mix of Van Wilder and Farris Bueller’s day off.

White: What year did you graduate?
Dennis: “I was in the class of 2011”
Miller: “I was class of 2005”

White: What was your favorite class here at CHS?
Dennis: “I enjoyed science and math. To be specific I really liked Advanced Biology.”
Miller: “Either AP English with Vanderpool or Photography with Stanek. Back when we had the old dark room and developed our own film.”

White: What have you noticed that is different here at CHS then when you were going here?
Dennis: “There was a lot more school spirit.”
Miller: “There’s no culture like there used to be. People are not really engaged in the activities. But we are working to change that.”